Vestas Towers Inc. Team Leader Training


  1. Unacceptable
  2. Below average
  3. Average
  4. Very good
  5. So f…… excellent!

How well were your expectations met? 4,6

What do you think of the content? 4,7

How relevant was it to your work situation? 4,7

How was the time spent on different subjects? 4,1

How was the teaching materials? 4,4

How was the teaching style? 4,7

What do you think of the instructor? 4,9


  • I can definitely use what I have learned immediately!
  • F…… excellent. Learned a lot from you!
  • Taken similar classes in the past, this was the most interesting.
  • The hands on exercises were excellent, breaks up the class time. 
  • Excellent
  • Sandra, you did an excellent job with a tough subject
  • Just what I needed starting a new company
  • Great
  • Will help us build teams
  • Good time allocation
  • Good mix of theory
  • Excellent style, very welcomming
  • Very professional, personal
  • What a great asset to have going into a new position
  • Very informative, visual aids were great
  • Perfect!
  • Very knowledable 
  • Moved througt content at right pace
  • Perhaps a few more role play sessions
  • Very well done
  • Good for time frame given. Each subject could have been full days.
  • Each person gained different knowledge for each segment
  • reintroduced different ways to gain the same goals
  • It was well defined, and Sandra stayed on course
  • Can use it everyday
  • Some of it was redundant
  • Very practicalillustrations
  • Very engaging
  • My expectations were exceeded
  • Very practical and usefull information
  • This will make the start-up much more likely to be successful.
  • You did a great job af translating
  • Your teaching style made the course fun, interesting, effective.
  • You are a delightful person! And a very skilled instructor.
  • My expectations mere exceded. The coursewas interesting and fun.
  • The content was very interesting.
  • The content covered every day work situations
  • The time was well managed, sufficient time for each subject.
  • Materials were good.
  • I liked that everyone had interaction
  • Awesome!
  • Felt there was something I could use in each day of training
  • This course was very applicable to what I will be doing
  • Kept each section interesting and it did not just repeting it self
  • Materials are something that can be kept
  • Kept things going in a funny way
  • Very engaging and kept control of class
  • We had many disruptions and she did a very good job of letting us in and getting the material presented
  • We can use all of the materials as references
  • Teaching style related well to everybody in the class
  • She delivered the information vey well and got to know her audience. She appropriately taught how it would relate to the group and their roles
  • I felt the course was better than expected
  • All the content in the class was very informative
  • It covers scenarios that are very likely to happen in our fields. Some of which has happend
  • I think that all subjects were well covered
  • She was a great teacher